We Leave Lasting Impressions

Our Mission

We believe in having a positive impact on the lives of those around us—our family members, friends, clients, and other members of the community.

We’re dedicated to providing exceptional service by:

  • Listening and discovering the needs, concerns, and goals of our clients
  • Providing in-depth financial education and advice
  • Respecting the assets and risk tolerance of each client
  • Seeking collaborative solutions when challenges arise
  • Monitoring the progress of each client
  • Communicating frequently with clients and team members

We’re dedicated to helping our clients meet their personal and financial goals through guidance and support.

Looking upward through a canopy of Banyan tress

1985 Bleakley was founded as Bleakley, Schwartz, Cooney, & Finney - Transitioned to Independent Firm in 2015
9.7B Bleakley Advisors service over $9.7B in brokerage and advisory assets across 4 custodians (as of 05.31.24)
13 Bleakley is based out of Fairfield, NJ with a total of 19 office locations across 13 states
160+ Wealth Advisors, Management, and Support Staff

Values, Philosophy, Aspiration

The Banyan Assessment

The Banyan Assessment is typically at the core of each client relationship. We use this method in an effort to create an optimal financial plan tailored specifically to the objectives of each client. The assessment takes an in-depth look at one’s core values, personal philosophy, and goals. During this process, we’ll discuss both your short-term and long-term goals, income, risk tolerance, and more. Together, we’ll develop a wealth management strategy that will help you start planning for the future.

Obtaining a clear and comprehensive view of your financial health is critical to the success of our mission. We take a 360-degree approach to evaluating your current financial well-being.

The Banyan Assessment

What's Behind Our Logo?

The Banyan Tree

Our logo, the Bleakley banyan tree, has a history of more than 400 years. The national tree of India, this large plant is known for its distinctly tangled system of branches and roots. Towering magnificently over its neighbors, it’s the largest tree in the world in terms of canopy coverage, or the area covered by its tree crowns. The banyan tree’s root system has the widest reach of all known trees, which can cover several acres.

In many villages in India, the banyan tree is known as the community gathering place, where lively conversations are held and important decisions are made. The tree is the symbol of the fabled “Kalpavriksha,” or the “tree of wish fulfillment.” We’re inspired by this meaning, which is why our first conversations with new clients always revolve around their future financial goals.

Like the shelter provided by this tree, we create a unique environment that offers support to clients. We devote the time and attention to understand their goals in an effort to create optimal plans for each one.

We believe in planting deep roots in fertile soil. This stable foundation will provide a firm place to begin building your financial future.

The Banyan Tree

"Our firm's culture is rooted in highly-attentive service. Every member of our experienced team is committed to providing you with an unmatched client experience. We emphasize being accessible and responsive to your needs and work together with you to create the strategies and guidance we believe serve your best interest ."

Jack Cooney - Principal of Bleakley Financial Group