There are good reasons
why advisors choose us

Our firm was established by advisors – for advisors. By eliminating the bureaucracy of a large institution, we are more nimble and responsive to the needs of our clients.

At Bleakley Financial Group, we provide you with the freedom, flexibility and support to work with clients your own way, helping you to grow your practice and develop even stronger, long-lasting advisor–client relationships.

5 reasons why our advisors chose to leave a larger institution

  1. Concern over who “owns” the client relationship & accounts – the firm or the advisor
  2. Lack of control over firm expenses charged and changing compensation rates
  3. Frustrated having compensation structure and benefits tied to specific product sales requirements
  4. Fed up with the delays on promised technology enhancements
  5. Tired of limitations placed on products/services available to clients because of platform restrictions


Frank Lepore

"At Bleakley, I have unequivocal ownership of my clients and accounts. Every day I'm building equity in my practice and have the ability to monetize it down the line on my own terms."

Frank Lepore Partner
Nathan Barbakoff

"The idea of going independent can be overwhelming. Moving to Bleakley gave me the independent practice I desired without the operational headaches I wanted to avoid."

Nathan Barbakoff Financial Advisor
P. Betlow

"I used to cringe trying to explain to a client ‘we can't do that’ or ‘we don't offer that on our platform’ knowing that they could somewhere else. Today I can say ‘we can but here's why we may or may not want to...’ I keep my credibility and get to do what's in the client’s best interest - the way it should be."

Jon P. Betlow, CFP® Partner

Partner with Bleakley

The value we provide to advisors that affiliate with Bleakley is extensive. We identify the offering across three major areas – Strategic Growth, Operational Efficiency & Organizational leverage. Each segment of our firm has been developed and refined to enhance the growth, efficiency and profitability of our advisors.

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Strategic Growth

New Business Development
New Business Development

The right marketing message and strategy is an integral part of growing your business and reaching new clients. Bleakley Financial Group has developed a customizable, effective marketing materials package to help you stand out in a highly competitive business. Marketing services include:

  • Marketing content
  • Social media strategy
  • Banyan assessment
  • 360 planning process
  • Advisor study groups
  • Broad spectrum of client services
  • Business plan development and execution support
Practice Acquisition
Practice Acquisition
  • Dedicated business development team searching for opportunities
  • Advisor support for deal structuring, negotiations and transition
  • Bleakley size and scale as a value proposition when engaged with prospective acquisitions
Succession Planning
Succession Planning

Bleakley Financial Group provides creative, structured, transparent and flexible succession solutions for our valued advisors. Our succession transition process provides:

  • A succession plan on your timeline with defined terms and surety
  • A financial backstop for your loved ones in the event of unexpected death or disability
  • Full ownership of your practice and autonomy until the point of monetization
  • Consistent, continuous service to your clients now and in the future

Operational Efficiency

Technology Solutions
Technology Solutions

Bleakley Financial Group believes in keeping our financial advisors ahead of the competition with innovative and powerful technology aimed at making it easier and more efficient to serve your clients and grow your business.

Our client-centric technology platform provides many benefits for advisors:

  • Management of the entire client relationship–-from initial lead, to prospect, to client acquisition-–through one integrated system
  • Appointment scheduling with less lead time because reports and documents can be prepared quickly
  • Annual review documents available on-demand and created in minutes, allowing operations teams to spend less time preparing for meetings
  • Data aggregation across all accounts, allowing holistic management of client portfolios
  • Real-time account performance, billing and customized statements available to advisors and clients via online portal
  • Anytime, anywhere access to full suite of resources, tools and account support via iPad app and online advisor portal
  • One hundred percent cloud-based technology, allowing for paperless office and easy storage
  • Defined, proven workflows providing repeatable, consistent processes that are easily visible and tracked
  • Flexible work environments for advisors and optimal account information access for clients with cloud-based technology tools
  • Integrated technology platform leverages (LOGOS) include:
    • Salesforce, eMoney, Orion, TRX, Everplans, BizEquity, Pardot
Practice Management
Practice Management

Bleakley Financial Group believes that a good idea becomes a truly great idea when it is shared, which is why we’ve created an environment of exchanging ideas and best practices among our entire team. Available to you as well are:

  • Two staff resources with decades of practice management expertise
  • Success coach employed by firm available to all advisors
  • Business plan development and monitoring (not required)
  • Marketing plan execution support
  • Workflow and process evaluation and best practice recommendations
  • Advisor study groups and roundtables to share best practices
Intellectual Capital
Intellectual Capital

Making the right choices for your clients and your business requires a wealth of research behind every decision. Our chief investment officer and team of seasoned analysts are dedicated not only to doing that research, but also making it easy for you to understand and utilize it.

Our elite team of financial analysts and planners are dedicated to supporting the growth of advisor practices. They take on much of the heavy lifting so our advisors can spend more time client facing and prospecting. We call them our internal “Think Tank”; they provide the following front-end support services:

  • Portfolio design and maintenance
  • Manager/fund/ETF research and selection
  • Model management, rebalancing and trading
  • Full financial plan development
  • Advanced case design
  • Retirement income distribution plans
  • Investment management takeover proposals
  • Hybrid-Robo managed platform
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly and event-driven market commentary; white papers as appropriate

Organizational Leverage

HR, Payroll, & Benefits

Compliance & Supervision

Operations Infrastructure

Client Service & Support Staff

Organizational Leverage

Do you and members of your team spend far too much time on non-revenue generating tasks? Would you like to off-load these time- and energy-draining aspects of the business, but lack the scale or resources to do so? By leveraging our existing infrastructure we can support the following essential functions for any size practice:

  • Compliance and supervision
  • Human resources
  • Payroll
  • Health Insurance benefits (advisor and staff)
  • Accounts payable (if desired)
  • Vendor management
  • Technology support
  • Client account billing and custodian management
  • Marketing infrastructure and content development

Join Our Network

Andy Schwartz

We’ve created a firm where you can spend your time and energy doing what you do best: being a trusted advisor to clients. Our support systems and infrastructure were built to give you freedom and independence without all the complexity of running your own RIA.

Andy Schwartz Principal
Vince Nauheimer

We provide a robust, advisor centric platform that is structured to drive growth, efficiency and profitability across your practice.

Vince Nauheimer Managing Director

Take the First Step

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Making a commitment to transition a practice is not done quickly; it is a methodical, careful process. We have firsthand experience. When our group made the move to independence, we transitioned over $3 billion in client assets in less than 60 days. But the process to get to that point took nearly two years.

At Bleakley Financial Group, we want to make the decision process easy and transparent. That begins with an exploratory conversation. Based on that discussion, we can provide you with guidance through a detailed cost-benefit analysis.

We will help make your transition to independence an informed choice. To that end, we will map out a potential future in which we demonstrate how our support can facilitate your mission to best serve your clients as well as obtain new ones.

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