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We help financial advisors in a pursuit to grow their practice more quickly, efficiently, and profitably.

Our firm was established by advisors, for advisors. By eliminating the unnecessary, time-consuming, and out-of-touch processes often found in larger financial service companies, we’ve developed the ability to address the needs of our clients quickly and efficiently.

At Bleakley Financial Group, we provide our advisors with the freedom, flexibility, and support to work directly with clients as they see fit. Through hard work and trust, we will seek to help you grow your practice and develop long-lasting and meaningful relationships with your clients. 

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We Are Committed to Our Core Principles.

Our New Affiliates' Experience With Bleakley in Their Own Words...

Lyle Weintraub
Wealth Management Advisor (Transitioned March 2020)
Transition Experience

Bleakley kept every promise made during my recruitment.  I probably couldn't have picked a worse time to transition - as the Pandemic shut everything down the week I moved.  The entire Bleakley team got behind me, doing everything they could to help and fill in.  

Client Impact

Bleakley provides what I was looking for - a true financial planning platform.  The tax, legal, life coaching, and technology resources have all had significant benefits for my clients already.

Practice Impact

Well, I've grown my advisory business almost 40% in my first year, so the move has been a catalyst for serious growth.  I have the ability to offer a broader suite of solutions for my clients and with the support of the Think Tank, I have more time and energy to focus on deepening existing client relationships and attracting new clients to the practice.  

Firm Culture/Values

The organization has a strong 'Boutique Firm' atmosphere.  Even though I have my own practice, I am part of something bigger.  The staff is friendly, helpful, and positive.  Andy continues to be just as accessible and engages with my growth as he was during the recruitment process.

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Tracy Shackelford & Harold Philipsen
Wealth Management Advisors (Transitioned December 2020)
Transition Experience

Transitions of any kind can be difficult, but this firm made it easy. A concierge team worked with us every step of the way.

Client Impact

More importantly, moving to Bleakley was the right thing to do for our clients. We have some of the most sophisticated investment and planning resources in the country.  What a tremendous advantage! 

Firm Culture/Values

Moving to Bleakley was one of the best business decisions we’ve made. Harold and I value deep relationships and we’ve respected the leaders at Bleakley for more than 15 years.

Tre Urso
Wealth Management Advisor (Transitioned November 2018)
Transition Experience

We moved approximately 96% of our clients in the first 90 days.  Being separated from the Bleakley team by 1,700 miles didn't slow us down at all - the group was incredibly responsive and had me prepared on time - every time to engage with my clients to ensure a smooth transition. 

Client Impact

It is a far more capable platform and because of the technology and support team, I've been able to offer a much better service to my clients at a lower cost.

Practice Impact

Here's a great example - in retrospect, I could not have handled the COVID-19 crisis as quickly and efficiently for my clients at my prior firm.  We were proactive, tax aware, had the support of the firm to identify how we were going to respond and executed the game plan.  The leverage provided that allowed me to be talking our clients through the challenges while the Think Tank handled the tax loss harvesting, rebalancing, and timing on our behalf.  Oh, and in the 3 years since my transition, my advisory assets under management have doubled.

Firm Culture/Values

I truly love this firm and wish I made the move earlier.  The best way I can explain the culture is 'buckle up', because we're going to challenge you to be the best advisor you are capable of becoming and we're going to have a lot of fun along the way. 

How We Deliver for You.

At Bleakley Financial Group, we believe in providing our advisors with value and support. We’re focused on three major aspects of development: strategic growth, operational efficiency, and organizational leverage.

Each division of our firm has been created in an effort to improve the growth, efficiency, and profitability of our advisors.

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Advisor Service Model.

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John Mara
Wealth Management Advisor
Transition Experience

The entire team at Bleakley - from the firm principals to the support staff were available at a moment's notice to answer questions or assist in any way they could to ensure a smooth transition for us and our team members. 

Client Impact

We have been able to lower client costs through better share classes and UMA/SMA choices at various custodians and offer much more tax efficient wealth management solutions.  We are also able to offer estate document review and life coaching services at no cost to clients.  I truly believe our clients are in a better position today as a result of our affiliation with Bleakley Financial. 

Practice Impact

Having Peter Boockvar available as a resource allows me to have more confident conversations with my clients about the markets. He is very accommodating and always has time to answer questions for advisors and our clients. Leveraging both the think tank resources and integrated technology platform at Bleakley allows my team to be much more efficient – thus cutting down on staffing and infrastructure costs and providing streamlined processes that allow tasks to be completed more quickly and with greater accuracy.

Firm Culture/Values

The firm and my practice are completely aligned in our goals. That wasn’t the case at my prior firm and has had a tremendous impact on my growth trajectory. Bleakley’s culture starts at the top and works its way across the entire organization – regardless of whether you are in the main office or another location. The principals and staff care deeply about each advisor and team member and treat us as their clients.

Why Choose Bleakley?

At Bleakley Financial Group, our advisors:

  • Have the independence to set the schedule and consulting fees they want
  • Are given access to state-of-the-art technology platforms 
  • Are encouraged to pursue further education and training
  • Work with us, not for us
  • Don’t have to deal with the hassle of owning and operating their own practice 

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