Banyan Assessment

Values, philosophy, aspirations

The Banyan Assessment is the foundation of every client relationship. We use this specialized assessment to design the optimal financial plan tailored specifically to your unique life objectives. This entails understanding your core values, personal philosophy and future aspirations. During this discovery process, we’ll discuss your short-term and long-term goals, income needs, risk tolerance and other important factors related to the design of your financial planning and wealth management strategy.

Obtaining a clear and comprehensive view of your financial landscape is critical to the success of our mission. We take a 360-degree approach when evaluating your current financial well-being and carefully consider the “why” and the “how” behind each element of your existing framework.

Behind the Banyan Assessment

The Bleakley Banyan tree logo embodies our approach to clients. The Banyan tree, the national tree of India with a history of more than 400 years, is an enormous tree with a distinct tangle of branches and roots. Towering magnificently over its neighbors, it represents the largest tree in the world in terms of canopy coverage. Its roots define its dominance, with the widest reach of all known trees, covering several acres.

In many villages in India, under the shade of the Banyan Tree is the community gathering place to engage in conversation and decision-making. In fact, the name ‘banyan’ was given by the successful Indian merchants called Banias, who discussed their strategies under its canopy.

The tree is the symbol of the fabled ‘Kalpa Vriksha’ or the ‘Tree of Wish Fulfillment.’ Similar to this symbol, at Bleakley, we always begin by discussing our clients’ wishes for a prosperous financial future.

Like the shelter provided by this tree, we create a unique environment for our clients to regularly engage with our experts. We devote the time and attention to understand your goals and create the optimal plan.

We plant deep roots to create the strong foundation on which your financial future will be built.