360 Planning Process

It is in our core services that Bleakley Financial Group actualizes its unique 360 approach. The contrast of this approach with other service providers is a stark one. It is the habit of many financial practices to work in silos; that is, they use a compartmentalized approach that deals with single financial areas. But regardless of the assignment, the 360 approach considers the impact of all areas of your financial life in order to integrate them. The result is a more-informed, comprehensive and wiser plan for your benefit.

Personal Financial Planning

When considering your personal financial planning, think of us at Bleakley Financial Group as your architects. You want to design your home; you want it to be sound. But where do you begin? You may know what you want, but may not understand what you need. At Bleakley, we know the right questions to ask, plus the facts to consider that may not always be self-evident. Through our process, we create a blueprint for you and help to build you a solid financial house. We do that through working with you on the areas below:

  • Cash flow and retirement scenario analysis
  • Income tax planning and coordination
  • Risk management and asset protection strategies
  • Retirement income distribution planning
  • Estate planning and charitable giving
  • Multi-generational wealth counseling

Private Wealth Management

At Bleakley Financial Group, we know the meaning of true wealth. Yes, it is abundance, but it is also the desire to simply achieve more, at whatever the level you begin. Whether you are saving for your child’s college tuition or planning your retirement, we can assist you. Whether you have $6,000 in an IRA or $6,000,000 in a trust account, our wealth management process applies to everyone. This includes, but is not limited to, the services below:

  • Risk assessment and goal targeting profile
  • Rigorous evaluation of existing portfolio
  • Customized portfolio construction
  • Ongoing portfolio optimization

Business Planning Solutions

There’s an old adage that people spend so much time working in their business, that they fail to work on their business. At Bleakley Financial Group, we know from experience that the key component to business success is careful and scrupulous financial planning. After all, Fortune 500 companies spend millions of dollars every year to create strategies and plans to build, grow and protect their businesses. Why shouldn’t you have the same protection? Let us provide you with the care and attention to create a plan that is vital for all business owners. To serve you and your business, we provide the following:

  • Buy–sell agreement planning
  • Succession planning strategies
  • Business valuation support
  • Qualified retirement plans
  • Executive compensation packages
  • Employee benefit plan coordination

Institutional Services

At Bleakley Financial Group, we know it’s hard to wear so many hats, particularly in the current environment and for those institutions managing the complex area of finance and investment. You want to be effective but prudent. The art is to juggle the roles of maximizing investment while limiting any liability.

This is where the financial experts at Bleakley can take the “stress and guess” out of the equation. We are experienced in creating comprehensive plans and overseeing governance in order to give you the best level of advice and service. We do this by taking the steps listed below.

  • Assist and educate plan sponsors on fiduciary responsibilities and compliance procedures
  • Develop and implement the investment policy statement
  • Conduct a robust provider search and fee benchmarking analysis
  • Structure a robust fund lineup to select the most appropriate investment vehicles for the plan
  • Perform quarterly due diligence reviews
  • Conduct annual in-depth plan review
  • Conduct plan participant education events

Medicare Planning

Obtaining Medicare coverage is not as simple as filling out a form on a website. There are multiple deadlines and an array of options, so it can be difficult to figure out which options are right for you to save the most money and how to register on time to avoid penalties. Medicare is specific to the individual; that’s why you need expert help in picking the right options for you and your situation. Bleakley and our partners can help.

For more information about Medicare Planning, click here.

ESG Responsible Investing

ESG Responsible InvestingResponsible Investing is no longer simply about excluding “sin” stocks. It’s about investing to achieve both a positive impact on society and favorable investment results. It turns out that embracing environmental, social and governance (ESG) best practices is good business. More and more investors are discovering that it is possible to earn competitive returns with portfolios that reflect their values.

For additional information about ESG responsible investing, click here.

Life Coaching

At Bleakley Financial Group, we recognize that financial planning is not just about money. We realize that the financial wellbeing of a client can be impacted anytime a life event intersects with a financial decision.That’s why we have contracted with a Life Coach to provide complimentary sessions as part of our client services.

We understand that the financial planning process can initially seem intimidating. We also know from decades of experience as advisors that sometimes life can throw a few curveballs that have the ability to upend our best intended planning. Our Life Coach has years of experience in helping clients navigate the emotional challenges of life’s transition points.

  • Retirement
  • Job loss
  • Divorce
  • Death of family members or friends
  • Caring for children or aging parents

The Bleakley Financial Group team welcomes the opportunity to discuss your financial goals and how we can help you pursue them. You can reach us by email, telephone or through the contact form below. We look forward to speaking with you!

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