BLEAKLEY prepares purple apron meal kits for nourish new jersey

Last December, Bleakley Financial Group took a day and volunteered at Nourish NJ in Morristown.  We unloaded trucks, organized food, helped in the kitchen, and served the guests.  It was an incredibly rewarding day and when it was all over, those who participated could not wait to volunteer again with this great organization.

Once Covid-19 hit, our options for engagement were more restricted. Amid these challenges, the volunteers at Nourish NJ continued to feed and help the growing population of those in need, reaffirming their dedication for this great cause.

This December, we were able to contribute in other ways by preparing nearly 100 Purple Apron Meal Kits that were delivered to Nourish NJ where they were given to those less fortunate.  Our advisors and staff put together and packaged all the ingredients needed to prepare a healthy and delicious home cooked dinner that families could enjoy.  Our firm also donated to help support Nourish NJ's ongoing initiatives of creating lasting solutions to the problems of hunger, homelessness, and poverty.

We look forward to the day when we can volunteer in person again at Nourish NJ in Morristown.  

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